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Pompeo Slams EPA’s Crippling New Green House Gas Rules

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Washington, March 28, 2012 | comments

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Pompeo Statement on EPA’s Crippling New Greenhouse Gas Rules 

Impossible New Standards Put Kansas Coal-Fired Plants & Domestic Energy Supply in Jeopardy 

WASHINGTON, DC—This week the Environmental Protection Agency released its proposed rule limiting greenhouse gas emissions.  According to a recent Washington Post article, “the move could end the construction of new conventional coal-fired facilities in the United States.” 

Congressman Mike Pompeo (KS-04), a member of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce and longtime opponent of the EPA’s anti-coal agenda, previously authored two House-passed amendments to drastically reduce funding for the greenhouse gas registry.  He released the following statement on the new EPA rule:

“Once again President Obama’s policies do not match his rhetoric.  Frequently, he says he wants lower energy prices, but now through his Environmental Protection Agency he has effectively banned the energy source that is among the most affordable for Kansans—coal.  The proposed rule issued by the EPA is intended to make it impossible for new coal-fired plants to comply, effectively ending coal as a domestic energy source as no new plants can be built.  As a result, energy costs will skyrocket for every Kansas family and manufacturing jobs will be driven out of America.

“The President says he is for ‘all of the above’ when it comes to energy.  However, he spends billions of taxpayer dollars on subsidies for renewables while restricting the development and use of affordable and reliable sources of energy like coal, oil, and natural gas.

“Claiming to be for ‘all of the above’ while systematically crossing ‘all of the below’ the ground options off the list is not a winning energy production strategy and it will harm families and manufacturers all across America.  The words of this President do not match his actions—and the American people are paying for it.  

“Kansans are struggling to pay their bills, and simply cannot afford Barack Obama's failed energy policies,” stated Pompeo.


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