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Pompeo Votes to Support Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act

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Washington, April 27, 2012 | comments

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Pompeo Votes to Support Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act

WASHINGTON, DC—This week the U.S. House of Representatives considered several bills aimed at strengthening our nation’s cybersecurity.  Last night, the House passed a bill sponsored by Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Rogers entitled The Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (HR 3523) on a bipartisan vote of 248 to 168.  The bill will help thwart cyberattacks on our critical infrastructure, allow the federal government to share information about cyberthreats with private companies, and protect Americans’ privacy in the process.  Congressman Mike Pompeo (KS-04) offered two clarifying amendments to address the civil liberty and privacy concerns.  Both Pompeo amendments passed.

Congressman Pompeo released the following statement:

“It’s bad enough that economic uncertainty continues to hinder growth and hiring, but it is even worse that our current cybersecurity framework cannot adequately prevent our foreign enemies from using the internet to disrupt our economy and attack the American people.  This bill is important not only because it helps our nation defend critical infrastructure from such attacks, but it also does this by empowering private sector job creators, not the federal government.  We can defend ourselves while safeguarding personal information and refraining from imposing any new regulations or mandates on private companies.  This crucial bill defends both freedom and security while working to fortify our nation’s internet-based systems and secure economic and job growth,” stated Pompeo.

Pompeo Amendments to Limit Federal Government Use of Cybersecurity Systems:

CLICK HERE  to watch Rep. Pompeo speak on the House Floor about these two important clarifying amendments to the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act.

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This bipartisan bill has been in the works for months and in the process many privacy and civil liberties advocates have been involved in the process to ensure their concerns were met.  Some initially had raised specific concerns that a couple provisions in the CISPA bill could be misinterpreted and therefore unintentionally give the government additional authority beyond that envisioned by the sponsors of the bill.  Rep. Pompeo’s two amendments helped to clarify the Intelligence Committee’s intent in these instances to alleviate concerns.  Rep. Pompeo personally introduced two out of the six amendments of this nature.

  • Amendment #36: Clarified that the liability provision of the bill extends only to the authorities granted in the legislation. 
  • Amendment #37: Clarified that nothing in this bill would alter existing authorities or provide new authority to any entity to use a federal government owned or operated cybersecurity system on a private sector system or network to protect such system or network.


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